July 12th – Amy Genzlinger, “Art From The Heart”

Amy Gentzlinger, Art From The Heart, at ABWA Imperial River July 11th 2017July 12th – Amy Genzlinger, “Art From The Heart”

ABWA Imperial River Chapter presents Amy Genzlinger, “Art From The Heart”, Wednesday July 12th at 6:00 PM.

A professional artist, interior designer, speaker, and trainer, Amy Genzlinger works with people to help them create environments where they feel peaceful, joyful, and inspired. In February of 2015, Genzlinger awoke from open heart surgery only to discover that she had lost her voice. Amy Gentzlinger, Art From The Heart, at ABWA Imperial River July 11th 2017Vocal cord paralysis is a common by-product of neck surgery, but less common among heart surgery patients. “I felt utterly disheartened and depressed,” says Genzlinger. “My only comfort was art”. Genzlinger found that art provided an expressive outlet that her vocal cords no longer could. “Collage art allowed me to communicate in a new and powerful way,” she says. “Being creative helped me refocus my purpose and appreciate my life again!”.

Additional surgery has resulted in the return of her vocal ability, and Genzlinger is now focused on facilitating alternate means of expression for others. “I want to give people the opportunity to practice another form of communication and expression,” she says. Genzlinger’s art parties are for participants of all ages. “If you can glue it, you can do it!”, she declares.

JOIN US, Wednesday July 12th 2017

Registration/check-in and networking starts at 6:00 PM at Holiday Inn Fort Myers Airport @ Town Center, 9931 Interstate Commerce Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33913. Dinner is served at 6:30 PM. Tickets are $30 at Eventbrite, which includes dinner.  For more information, email Info@ABWAImperialRiver.org

 NOTE: To participate in the collage party portion of the evening, pay an additional $15 at the door for materials.