2019-2020 IMPERIAL Leadership Team

ABWA Imperial River Team at SWFL Council Woman of the Year Luncheon, 2019
ABWA Imperial River Team at SWFL Council Woman of the Year Luncheon, 2019

ABWA Imperial River Chapter Vision Statement

Flowing stronger when united, we journey new paths together with service, integrity, and sisterhood.

The 2019-2020 IMPERIAL Leadership Team

08/2020: Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Imperial River Chapter has been and will continue to meet via Zoom. Therefore, we cannot have in-person elections, which is a requirement of the national organization. Therefore, the current Board will remain in place until such time as in-person meetings become safe again.

06/01/2020 Board Changes: President Lynda Rubenstein retires; Vice President Shannon Fitch has assumed the presidency and appointed Debra Lee Nashed as Vice President.

03-17-2020 VACANCIES: Standing Rules Chair, Membership Chair, Rollin’ on the River Editor

09-18-2019: Our new Board and Leadership Team took office August 1st and were sworn in at our August meeting.

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Shannon Fitch vice president ABWA Imperial River Chapter 2019-2020
Shannon Fitch, President (effective June 1st, 2020); former Vice President, PR/Mktg/Social Media Team, Fundraising Team
Debra Lee Nashed, ABWA Imperial River Fundraising Team
Debra Lee Nashed, Vice President (effective June 1st, 2020); Fundraising Team, Hospitality Co-Chair, SWFL Council Delegate, PR/Mktg/Social Media Team, Founding Member
Gail Langner, ABWA Imperial River Secretary 2019-2020
Gail Langner, Secretary
Christine F Wright, ABWA Imperial River Treasurer, 2019-2020
Christine F Wright, Treasurer, Best Practices Chair, Founding Member 
Lynda Rubenstein
Lynda Rubenstein, President (retired June 1st, 2020), Professional Development Program Chair, Hospitality Co-Chair, Founding Member
Erin White, ABWA Imperial River
Erin White, Webmaster, PR/Mktg/Social Media Team Chair, Nominating Committee, Founding Member, 2020 Woman of the Year
Jodi Suskind, ABWA Imperial River
Jodi Suskind, Nominating Chair, Fundraising Team
Claire Avery, ABWA Imperial River Scholarship Chair, 2019-2020
Claire Avery, Scholarship Chair, SWFL Council Delegate 
Kim Kilway, ABWA Imperial River
Kim Kilway, Fundraising Team

Linda Parks, ABWA Imperial River

Linda Parks, Auditing Chair, Fundraising Team 

Irma Morgan, ABWA Imperial River
Irma Morgan, Fundraising Team