2018-2019 IMPERIAL Leadership Team

ABWA Imperial River Chapter Vision Statement
Flowing stronger when united, we journey new paths together with service, integrity, and sisterhood.

The 2018-2019 IMPERIAL Leadership Team

02-28-2019: Congratulations to our new Vice President, Debra Lee Nashed!  Deb was part of the Imperial formation team and continues to be active with our fundraising efforts. Thank you for stepping up, Deb!

02-27-2019: Welcome to our new Membership Chair, Jennifer Olivier! Jennifer relocated to SWFL and transferred in from the Lakeland Chapter. So pleased to have you with us!

08-26-2018: Our new Board took office August 1st 2018. Committee Chairs are starting to fall into place.  Be an Imperial Leader – get involved with your chapter!  Learn a new skill, or pass your current skill set to someone new.

Ready to serve?  Email us TODAY at INFO@ABWAImperialRiver.org


Lynda Rubenstein
Lynda Rubenstein, President, Professional Development Programs, Best Practices co-chair 
Debra Lee Nashed
Debra Lee Nashed, Vice President 
Willow Terry, Secretary
Willow Terry, Secretary
Florence Del Fondo, Treasurer
Florence Del Fondo, Treasurer





Jennifer Olivier, Membership Chair
Jennifer Olivier, Membership Chair
Erin White, Webmaster, PR/Mktg, Social Media
Gina Dengler, Rollin' on the River Newsletter
Gina Dengler, Rollin’ on the River Newsletter, Auditing co-chair
SWFL Council Delegate 






  • Auditing – Linda Parks (co-chair)
  • Best Practices –  Christine Wright (Chair)
  • Fundraising – Linda Parks (Chair); Shannon Fitch, Kim Kilway, Debra Lee Nashed, Lynda Rubenstein
  • Hospitality – VACANCY
  • Nominating – VACANCY
  • Professional Development Programs – Lynda Rubenstein
  • Scholarships/SBMEF – VACANCY
  • Standing Rules – VACANCY

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